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© 2018 by myalula. 

the first phone case to hold, protect, and dispense womens birth control pills


w h a t   i s   t h e  a l u l a   p h o n e   c a s e?

our phone is on us every single day, so why shouldn't it help us remember our important medication? the alula phone case was created so women never have to forget about taking their birth control pills ever again especially during our busy days.


the alula case lets you hold one months worth of birth control pills. everyday when you need to take your birth control you simply spin the dial, wait for a click, then your pill will pop out on the side of the case. 

when women don't take their birth control on time, it causes problems like weight gain, irritability, irregular cycles, hormone imbalance, and much more.

our team has made it our mission to ensure women never have to deal with any of these problems just because our busy schedules got the best of us. 


for more details or information on the alula phone case go to our faq page 

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